Royal Oak Kuching

Source: Double Realtors as published in See Hua Daily Newspaper on 14 October 2017 | Date: 18 Oct 2017

KUCHING: Royal Oak Kuching is now offering 113 beautiful luxury and exclusive modern living with a gated community apartments for home buyers.

The six (6) to seven (7) storeys high modern luxury apartment property includes seven luxury penthouses.  This luxury property is build and develop by LT Homes Development Sdn Bhd on 3.8 acres of land situated along Jalan Stutong Baru Kuching.  It has a close proximity to the bustling Kuching City, accessible to Kuching International Airports, public amenities,shopping malls,universities,colleges and government agencies.

Each unit on the luxury apartment have a floor space of 1,237 square feet to a much bigger unit with a floor space of 5,983 square feet.  The smaller space unit luxury apartment will be attached with three rooms and two bathrooms while the bigger space unit is for the modern living of two storey high luxury penthouse which will be attached with seven rooms and six bathrooms .  It luxury penthouse have a beautiful feature roof top private swimming pool and Lt Homes Development Sdn Bhd is the first developer in the city to bring this facility to home owners.

Royal Oak Kuching facilities includes administrative office,lift lobby,lounge,fitness/gym centre,locker,store,laundry, swimming pool,kid’s pool,kid’s playground, two covered car park for each unit,refuse bin and guard house.

Any purchaser of this luxury apartment who visited it roadshow at RH Hotel Sibu this weekend Oct 14-15 between 9am-9pm is entitle to attractive promotion package (discount) and a ‘Move’ package which includes fully furnish modern living furniture once they bought the apartment.

This property is expected to complete in 2019 and for information on the property and its roadshow in Sibu call Jackson Ling at 012 -887 6911.

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(本报古晋13日讯)立天发展有限公司将于周六及周日, 早上9时至晚上9时,假诗巫常青酒店(RH Hotel)举办Royal Oak高级公寓展销会,欢迎市民踊跃前来参展。

配合展销会的举办, 发展商也将在两天展销会期间为民众带来特别优惠折扣, 民众受促万勿错失良机。

Royal Oak 7层楼高级公寓地点靠近BDC商业住宅区及古晋国际机场, 附近的地区未来也将迎来大型购物商场、诊所及教育机构等, 为居民带来许多便利。该高级公寓的发展总面积占3.8依甲,共有113单位, 地契为期99年,整体工程预计2019年杪竣工。公寓单位的面积从1237平方尺至5983平方尺, 其中面积最大的阁楼单位拥有7房6浴室外, 同时还有私人顶楼泳池,乃是古晋市首个拥有如此设计的公寓。

值得一提的是,Royal Oak高级公寓的每个单位将包括主人房及第一客房的衣柜、 厨房壁柜与煤气灶和抽油烟机、灯光设施、窗帘、2台冷气机( 客厅及主人房)、厕所的冷热水喉、2个雨盖停车位、 电梯系统及保安设施等,而且该住宅区也采用围篱及保安系统( Gated and Guarded),为您提供最安全的住宅环境。

另一方面,发展商也提供方便买家直接搬入新居的完美配套( 包含完善的家具、床具及厨具等),价格从每一方尺500令吉起, 而非完美配套的价格则从每一方尺445令吉起。

欲知详情,请联络Jackson Ling(012-8876911)查询。